So… he lived? A sound came from the stairway. I swear my heart died right then and there. I froze where I sat, trying not to make a sound. Someone was coming for me, walking down the hall right now. I crawled silently into the bathroom and squeezed the door shut. Someone entered the room. I could hear the crunch of plaster dust on the floor as the steps made their way one by one to the window. They turned. Another crunch. I was shaking, sweating, shaking, soaking wet. Please, no, no.

It was the phone call which started everything. When Jason’s father calls to tell Jason and his mom that Jason’s grandma died, Jason is sent down to Florida to help pack up her house. While he is there, he recieves a creepy phone call, and finds a mysterious postcard. With the help of a girl named Dia, his bestfriend, and many other people, he discovers the secret of his grandmother, and her life.

This was an ok book. It was kinda creepy for the first three quarters, and then it had a very surprising ending. I would give it about three stars. I didn’t like the ending, and near the end I had no clue what was going on. Dia is pretty cool, but she and Jason don’t really act like normal people.