Hey, Remember how I reviewed that awesome vampiric book a while ago that was for the second book in the series because of… well, reasons (go there to see), I finally read the first one and I am back with the review.

4 stars! It’s a good series. Although, actually, maybe the second one was a bit better (you know it’s good, when the sequels improve instead of getting worse.)
Vladimir Tod is a teenage vampire, who has to hide it from the public (obviously), so that he isn’t killed or something. He doesn’t know of there are any like him left, or if there ever was. His parents died in a mysterious fire just a few years before. Now, witness the (expected) and not adventures of this high school vampire’s life.

I like this series. It is well written, and the characters are cool, and well developed. There are lots of surprises, one of those books where you definitely expect things, and then it’s totally wrong. I think anyone can like it really. I recommend it for those who are interested in vampires, or twilight (although I think this is better), or maybe just good books in general!