I was born and raised in Oz but people still assume I was born under a camel in a cave in a desert in the Middle East to parents who belong to a tribe with Osama bin Laden’s genealogy.

Jamie has a secret. A secret she hopes will never come to light. When Jamie goes home, the blonde Jamie, turns into Arabic Jamilah. for a while this lie works. but when Jamie’s secret threatens to be revealed, she will have to decide whether to be Jamie, or Jamilah.

This was a very good book. It was also a LOL book. I was in the car and I was reading this, and I was cracking up, and my mom is like, “what?!” lol, so funny. I would give this about four and a half stars. I liked Jamilah/Jamie, though I don’t really like her decision to keep Jamilah a secret. Lol, good book though. this author wrote another book, Does my head look big in this?, and I think I will read and review that.