Project Mulberry isn’t a very long book, a very well known book, the best book ever, but! It’s amazing in its’ own special ways. It’s a very emotional portrayal of two best friends, that embark on a project. A project that isn’t liked by both parties at first. Of course, Julia (main character) thinks its WAY to Korean, which her culture she kind of rejects. She wanted an american project. Patrick (other main character) thinks it sounds great, but as you will know, he’s hiding something to. They both want what they think the other one wants, since they’ve been friends since Julia moved from Chicago to Plainfield, IL. He’s the one person that seems to REALLY appreciate her for who she is, and her thinking of her culture.

The project, is raising Silk Worms. The project goes in twisting turns, and they definately encounter the unexpected in different ways. Shocks, and surprises follow. They realise and learn things about the circle of life, I guess, things they didn’t expect to learn with this simple project. They have to make hard decisions and choices, and the lead, Julia, has to go through hard transformations, regarding what she thinks about her culture, sacrifices, and friends.

I think this was a really good book, it’s very emotional, and I like it because it really makes you think. It’s a considerably quick read, especially if you get sucked into it out of liking it. Another unique thing is that, between chapters, it portrays the inside story, which you can skip, but I personally recommend reading through that to. It explains things, in the form of the Julia talking to the author. Anyway, I really recommend it, especially to 10-14 year olds, most likely.