Summary/Description: Meggie and her father live a simple, seemingly normal life filled with books. They both thoroughly enjoy them. Little does Meggie know that there is a reason her mother is gone and her father never reads aloud, and that those two are oddly connected. When an old friend of her father’s shows up late on a rainy night, she thinks it a bit odd, but what she doesn’t know is that simply because of that (and the reminder it brings) her whole world is going to be turned upside-down.

What I though: I rate this book 5 stars! I really loved it. It was a long book, a good looking one that I’d been meaning to read for a long time, and finally decided I would. It was well worth it. I’m going to check out Inkspell (the sequel) as soon as possible from the library. I also know that it has been recently turned into a movie, which I’d like to see. So, the moral of this story is, Read Inkheart! Great summer reading too.