This book takes place in Chicago, during the gilded age. it is about girls named Dinah and Olive, who are both twelve, and a boy named Ben who is sixteen. the girls both work in a sewing factory for three dollars a week, and steal with Ben to keep their familys from starving. one day Dinah’s father goes missing, and they must find a way to free him, otherwise the family will be like so many others during this age, living on the streets.

I think that this story was written to create intrest in history. it is an interesting story, but you learn about what people faced, and what they felt like.

one of the things that I like about this book is that it shows how blacks and immigrants really were treated. it also has parts where Dinah, Olive, and Ben actually face danger.

I think I would recommend this book because of how it teaches what that era was like, without being boring. it does that by sticking the reader in Dinah’s shoes. none of the parts were very scary. they were tense, would Dinah be caught stealing, would Olive lose her job?, but altogether I think that is was a good story of the age it was written about. some parts were funny, like when Dinah convinces a police man that her father was an African sorcerer.