“Lady Macduff?” she whispered.
“Dead” he said, smiling.
“And the children?”
He smirked.
“You killed the children?” she cried
“I’ll kill anything,” said the man she had to marry.

This is a re-write of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth.
Mary, who is in the charge of Lord and Lady Macbeth has no home. When her father is found to be a traitor to the king and hanged, Mary knows her life might be forfeit. but when she goes deeper into this mystery, she understands that something more horrible might be at stake here.

Pony with a crooked star
Runs a ride that goes to far.
The owl wins against the wren,
the hollow tree a pen for men.

I really did like this book. the beginning was a little tough for me to understand, but as it gets going it was fabulous. It had just the right about of romance, and It wasn’t at all scary. Also, I was surprised, but it was rather funny as well. I would say that it would be good for ages 10 and up, and I would give it five stars.

He was just in time to see Lady Mary send some other boy off on her pony. She was yelling about eggs.
Fleance was mystified.