I am Mary. I am a witch. Or so some would call me.

When Mary’s Grandmother is taken and accused of being a witch, Mary’s life is changed. They kill her grandmother, and Mary knows it’s only a matter of time until they go after herself. So she crosses the ocean with some puritans, heading toward the new world, where she hopes she shall not have to worry about her witchcraft being discovered. But instead of refuge, she finds only worse superstitions. In the small town near Salem, she must either give up the witchcraft, or pay the price.

I have the power; none may doubt it. Whatever I may of hoped, I cannot escape my destiny. What happened today has served to prove that to me.

I liked this book… a little. I really didn’t like the beginning, and the middle wasn’t so good either. Mary was unlikable, not because of her attitude, but just because the author made her so different. she has to stand out in everyway. I would give this book 2 stars. I would still recommend reading it, but just be warned that it doesn’t have a good beginning or middle.

I’ve seen his past. I have seen his future. I know how death will come to him, and I feel the knowledge like a burden.