Aminah threw up her arms to shield herself from flying shards of brass, but she felt nothing.

“Say what so thou wantest!” a deep voice thundered. “Thy slave is between thy hands!”

Aminah is one of the many orphaned beggars who live in the streets of Al Kal’as, which is an Arabian city. When one night Aminah goes to the princess to try to beg for a job, and the princess throws a dusty lamp at her, Aminah curses herself for bad luck. why couldn’t she of gotten a jeweled cup instead? but when the lamp turns out to be the famous genie lamp of Aladdin, Aminah’s fortunes turn around. Soon she is rich, and is living well, but she can not get the pictures of the other orphans out of her head. soon she is risking everything to help people, a tailor, a baker, all who help others. But the princess is hunting her down, trying to find the lamp, and she won’t rest until she does.

“Good enough,” said the Jinni. In the blink of an eye, the alley was as still as a tomb. “all I wanted was a please. Was that so difficult? Besides, the noise was for you only. No one else could hear. Impress the master, but do not draw attention-one of the basic rules to which I adhere. Most of the time, at least.”

I liked this book a lot. I read it when I was 8, and I re-read it a couple of nights ago. I liked Aminah, and this book has just the right amount of romance and adventure needed. I also liked the Jinni. My favorite character would have to be Idris. I would give this book about four stars. I just recently (today) found out that there is a sequel, and I will be trying to find that one.