“But don’t think it’s possible…” – I twisted up my face- “… that every person is a hero to someone else?” I said.

Addie is waiting for normal. She lives in a trailer on ‘the corner’, where she is the only kid. Her mother is what Addie calls “All or nothing.” there is either a feast, or no food. She will be really nice, or she will ignore Addie. She is always home, or she leaves the house for days at a time. there is no in the middle, in other words, normal. When Addie learns what normal is really, it only makes waiting for it worse. if you add to this the fact that her mother hates her grandpa, the flute she plays on is stolen, and Soula doesn’t seem to be getting better, it only gets less normal.

Me, I’m good at getting used to things- been doing it all my life.

I liked this book. It was well written, and I liked how she struggled with her family problems. I would give this book three stars.