They drag me ever on and on,

I’m all unwilling,

Tied to a ragged crow

Too far from home.

Too far from anything,

My feet are burning

Walking so endlessly

Lost from my home.

Ariel thinks she is destined to become a Healtouch, in other words, a doctor. That is, after all, what her mother is. As much as Ariel thinks she is to be a Healtouch, Zeke thinks he is destined to become a Treesinger, those powerful people who can talk with trees. But all this changes when Ariel finds the Telling Dart. A Telling Dart is old, they stopped using them long before she was even born. Little does she know that this one holds a message for her.

After she is kidnapped and Zeke rescues her, they know there is no going back. They were thrown into the adventure, and they have to get to the end, before its too late.

Books Worth Reading:

Walking ever on and on,

Blood always spilling.

Finders are awful men.

Walk to the sun.

Walk to the sun and back,

Books Worth Reading:

My feet are burning.

Zeke’s here to help me now,

Walk with the wind.

I really liked this book. I think it was fairly hard to read, and it was kinda confusing sometimes, but it was really nice not to have something which I could finish in two days. I really liked Ariel, even though she is the main character, and the most important, because she is the only one of her trade, the Farwalkers, left, she never acts stuck up. I would give this book about four stars.

Walk where the nightmare leads,

Books Worth Reading:

Looking for Cloudspear.

Follow the water’s path.

Don’t walk, but run.

Rain water running now,

Dripping from Cloudspear.

Books Worth Reading:

Look for the mountain’s mouth

Far from the sun.