I love this book! Aside from good writing, intriguing plot, etc., what I found the most compelling thing about this book is that Charlie West is a good kid.
There’s so many books out there for teenagers where the main characters have, to put it bluntly, lives that stink.
These authors write these books that are full of angst and the main characters have family problems, drug problems, problems at school, etc.
and these books get praised because “they’re easy to relate to”.
I hate books like that.
Now there’s no need to tell me I’m weird, because I already know that I am.
I, my family, and most of my friends are good people just like Charlie West. We love God, fight for what we believe in, and help people.
Why is it that people want to believe that people like us don’t exist anymore?
A character doesn’t have to have mega huge issues with his/her life to be believeable. Sometimes you have to write about the good kid in order to make a realistic story.
Call me sheltered, but I know just as many kids (if not more than) that don’t swear, don’t have divorced parents, or any other issues as kids that do.

The Last Thing I Remember is an action packed story that’ll hook you from beginning to end; with plenty of humor and patriotism added in too.

I can’t wait for the next book to come out.