“Fair Godmother? Don’t you mean Fairy Godmother?” She tossed her hair off to one shoulder. “No, actually I’m just Fair Godmother.” “What does that mean?” I asked.

Savannah has the perfect life. Her boyfriend, Hunter, is fabulous, her sister, Jane, loves her, and wouldn’t do anything to hurt her, and she seems to be living a dream. Then it all crashes down around her ears. Jane steals Hunter, and prom is only a couple weeks away. Then she gets an odd visit, from a.. well, a “fair godmother.” Chrysanthemum isn’t what you’d expect a godmother- any godmother- to be like. She wears heels, chews gum, carries a cellphone, and goes shopping 24/7. Being only a “Fair Godmother”, however, and being a teenager with a low attention span, she isn’t the best at granting the wishes, and Savannah hasn’t quite figured out what “be careful what you wish for” means… until a misunderstanding sends a cute boy from Savannah’s school, Tristan, to the middle ages, and Savannah has to go and help him become a prince- or else he can’t come back.

Her wings fluttered, but she looked at her fingernails instead of me. “It means that in Fairy Godmother school my grades weren’t great, or geven good. They were just, you know, fair.”

I would have to say this was probably one of the best books I’ve read. It was a short read- I finished it in five or so hours, but it was really good. It has romance, adventure, and magic. Oh, and good characters. I like how you watch Savannah go from your typical clueless teen, to a smarter, more reliable, responsible, teen. I also really liked Chrysanthemum, or “Chrissy” as she is called. I would give this five stars, and recommend it to anyone who enjoyed “Phillipa Fisher’s Fairygodsister”.

“Oh.” I said. Her glance shot over to me. “Hey, the exams are hard. You turn one pumpkin into an angry bloated walrus and they never let you live it down.”