“I’m hoping to enter,” I said, humbly. “Enter? What about winning?” Well, of course I wanted to win. You don’t go entering contests you don’t hope to win.

Ellie Morgan knows it was pumkin love at first sight. And so for years, she’s been growing and entering pumkins in contests. This year, she has entered the adult’s pumkin contest, and she hopes that Max, her pumpkin, will win. But her life is much more complicated than just pumkins. She wants to lose weight, her dad doesn’t understand how she loves Max, and there’s a new boy at school, Wes, who she is crushing on.

I sat on the McKennas’ soft pink toilet seat remembering the messages from Dad’s motivational tapes on success, inner strength, and self-esteem. He had drilled them into me two years ago hoping I would become a different person. It didn’t work.

I really liked this book. It made you want to keep reading, but it wasn’t scary, or suspensful. It was a book full of love, and I really liked that. There was romance, but not too much. there was a lot of character developing. I think I’d give it 4 3/4 stars. (out of five.) I highly reccomend this book.