To show you how impossible it was for her to do the things everyone claimed that she did. For this is the true story of how my sister, Maude March, came to be known far and wide as a horse thief, a bank robber, and a cold-blooded killer.

With a single gunshot, Maude, and Sallie March, are orphaned for the second time when their aunt Ruthie dies. Moving into the family of the local preacher, they are worked to exhaustion, and until their tempers are short. When a man who Maude is not interested in proposes to her, and the preacher and his family put pressure on her to accept, it’s the last straw for Sallie and Maude. They steal two horses, and ride off.

However, it’s not as easy for them to survive as they thought it would be, and they face dangers such as rattlesnakes, Mountain Lions, and lawmen, as they make their way through their journey to find their Uncle.

“Are you going to be a boy or a girl?” Marion asked before I went inside. “I’m still a boy,” I said to Marion. “Johnnie is my name.” “I thought that was your sister’s name.” “If she waned it, she wouldn’t of left it laying around.”

I really enjoyed this book, from the very second I set eyes on the cover. (the copy I got, has this cover.) it was a very funny book, and very exciting. I’d give it about 3 3 /4 stars.

“I hope you don’t think that makes it all right,” Maude said. “Did I shoot that boy, Sallie, did I?” “No, I did.” I said, and seeing he look on her face, quickly added, “By accident, like. I mean to say, it was the gun I was holding that went off.” “Don’t ever tell anyone that,” she said. “Not even if they catch and hang me.”