Terror. Evil. Clutching me. Draggin me… to a black hole. Then this guy with the silvery gray eyes. Protecting me.

Everything that happened that night comes back in a rush, like cold rain sweeping over my body.

Erick- a Haro knight, sworn to save the people of the Oldworld (in other words, humans) from the evil sorcerer, Synomea, without interfeering in the human’s lifes. He does his job well. Until Taryn.

Taryn- a Human girl who has almost no hearing in her ear, and has a terrible secret which, even she, doesn’t know, but Synomea does.

These days in Tucson, and all over earth, teens are dissapearing. now one knows where they are taken, or even who takes them.

The Haro knights know though. They are called Zumarians, and are minions of the evil sorcerer. They take the teens to mt. Zumar, where they slave away for the sorcerer. When Taryn is almost kidnapped by the Zumarians, and Erick rescues her, they know they have to be together. There is one problem… what about Erick’s vow?????? Somehow they must work this out. Before they can, Taryn is kidnapped, for real, and held in Synomea’s castle, where she will finally find out her terrible secret.

This is a good book, but I wouldn’t recomend this to anyone younger than eleven, because of

(a) the romance and (b) swearing. I liked it though. I would give it 3 1/2 stars. I would say that boys could also read it, but I think that girls will enjoy it better, or at least some of them will… ROLF.