Magyk by Angie Sage (Book One of the Septumus Heap trilogy)
I’ve read this book before, and the second, however I forgot what happened in both, and really wanted to finish the series- so, what was I going to do? Well, most people would probably look up the book, or something, and sorta cheat. I am not that person. I had to read the books over again.

First off. Don’t be afraid. Yes, I know, I sound entirely insane. Why do I say that? Because the book is over 500 pages long. Before I read the book initially, I was scared, even though I had read Harry Potter books, I don’t think I realized that there were books that were as long (or longer). It’s a really good book, and if you get into it, which most do- it’s a pretty quick read. Although that might just be me. But, you know, whatever. Now, for the actual review.

The book is about secrets. Sort of a mystery, but more of a fantasy. If you like, Harry Potter, you’ll like these books. If you don’t- depending on the reason- you’ll still probably like the book. The books can be kind of hard to get into, but once you do, the world of Septimus Heap, sucks you in like a black hole.  Hope you don’t mind my comparison. (You’ll learn I’m quite odd.) The story revolves around the mystery of Septimus Heap, first his death, then the mystery of whom he might be. There’s also the wonder of Jenna, who always knew she was different then the other members of the big Heap family, for various reasons. She has a secret she doesn’t know of.

I like this book, along with many other people, because there’s hardly a boring moment. It has many twists and turns, and many things and people happen that you would have NEVER expected, no matter your wildest thoughts, unless you skipped ahead or were told. So I recommend this book. I won’t say much more- because if I did, I would probably reveal many things and spoilers that you would much rather read. So who is Jenna really? Is the seventh son of a seventh son- or Septimus, really dead? Will darkness rise again? What’s going to change? If you wonder about any of these questions, READ THE BOOK! I think you’ll like it.

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From CAT!