It’s Cassia’s day.  A day that will literally decide her future. It’s her seventeenth birthday; as well as her Matching Day. Matching Day is when the Matching banquet takes place for a girl who is seventeen or over. The Matching banquet may sound like simply a celebration, a coming of age, or some cheesy speed-dating session, but it’s actually literally the time when the girl will first find out about the boy she will take her marriage contract with. Society matches the girls with boys that are ideal for them, with their genes and other data. These matches are supposed to be flawlessly executed. When Cassia is called up to see her match for the first time on the screen in front of her, and have her match announced for the first time, she is in for quite the surprise. Cassia’s match is someone she knows, and someone she already loves, which never happens. In a dystopia of a ‘perfect’ society where no one get’s to be very different an no one has choices, weird things are beginning to happen. Signs of imperfection are beginning to appear. The first begins when Cassia goes home to view her information on her match (although she already knows him) and another face appears….

This book, was amazing! It is one of my new favorite books and I look forward to the sequel, “Crossed” (due out in November!). I’ll give this one 5 stars. It wasn’t necessarily perfect, but nothing is. It’s not necessarily fast paced, but it sort of is because it’s different and fresh, and you won’t want to put it down. It has surprises, it has romance, it has SO much emotion, and it’s just written… beautifully. And I liked how it was kind of complicated and intricate in a good way. The only things that kind of ever bothered me was that I think the description of Ky should have been cut in half so we could hear about Xander more too- just because I think I’d rather of had a full background on both of them- but I also realize it’s kind of because Cassia takes Xander and his life… for granted? Well, anyway, no more- I’ll spoil the whole thing, but READ THIS BOOK 😀
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