Vladimir is back for another difficult year at Bathory High. Facing Meredith again is going to be difficult, having broken her heart against his will, and watching Henry spend all of his time with his girlfriend. To make matters way worse, the slayer that almost took his life in freshman year is back- as well as his old best friend. Yeah, Joss is back. Vlad doesn’t know what to think, as he’s confused about his feelings toward Joss- he’s torn between having him as a best friend- and the wish to get revenge.

Vladimir Tod is a pretty good series, although I hadn’t even really thought about it since I read “10th Grade Bleeds” quite a while ago, but when I saw this in the library, I figured it was worth checking out. It was pretty good, as good as the rest of the series! If you want to read about vampires without having to go through a “Twilight” type of thing, then the Vladimir Tod series is a good choice for you. As is Cirque Du Freak. I give this one four stars! 🙂
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