Spies are wise. Spies are strong. But, most of all, spies are patient. We waited two weeks. TWO WEEKS! Do you know how long that is in fifteen-year-old-girl time? A lot. A LOT, a lot.
Cammie goes to a school for spies. Sure, they say it’s for any job the girls would wish to take, when they graduate, but how many schools teach fourteen languages, how to decode CIA codes, and give extra credit for cracking the codes that protect U.S. spy satellites, and then expect you to go into a job as a banker? Yeah. Not so much. Cammie is a chameleon. No one notices her if she doesn’t want them to. Until she meets Josh. Josh is a regular boy, who believes that Cammie is a regular girl; well, except for the fact that she’s a “homeschooler” for “religious reasons”. When she meets Josh, she decides to act on her instincts, and keep seeing him. With the help of her roommates, Bex, Liz, and Macey, she starts on the hard job.
I instantly imagined what it would be like to get a note like that myself someday. ‘Darling, I may have to work late, so I might not be here when you get back. I hope you had a great time in North Korea and disabled lots of nuclear weapons. With all my love, Josh.’ (But that’s just a draft.)
I don’t usually go for fluff books like this. Usually I try to have at least a little bit of substance to the books I read, but with this one, I didn’t. I have to admit, this was an awesome book. It was definitely not a book that you can say was a hard read, or even a medium read. I read this book in probably about three hours. If I had to come with one word to describe this book, however, it would be “Hilarious.” I would give this book… 4 stars (out of five).