The description for this book, and the summary I tried to write are very spoiler-ish if you haven’t read Everlost or Everwild. For that reason, I decided not to include a description at all. If you miss it and aren’t worried about some spoilers, here’s the goodreads one.

Heart-breaking, spectacular, bizarre, edge-of-your-seat, unique, bedazzling, twisted, dark, broad, seamless. These are words that are coming to mind now that I’ve finished Everfound, the last of the Skinjacker trilogy. The ending was heart-breaking, but also spectacular– it wrapped everything up so that it was good, although notably it wasn’t overly happy, unrealistic, or rushed.

The world, Everlost, in the Skinjacker trilogy is bedazzling, broad, and also seamless. I think the world building and development is probably some of the best I’ve ever read, up there with or surpassing the wizarding world in Harry Potter; which is another ‘alternate universe’ co-existing with the modern world type of scenario.

While I enjoyed Everlost and Everwild, I think that Everfound was the best out of the series. It was the most complicated, the most twisted, the longest, and at times the most confusing book of the series, everything also seemed to make the most sense. How is that? I have no idea. Possibly because in the first books, a lot of world building was done, a lot of characters developed; but about a reader could pose about a million questions. You could say the same for Everfound– but a lot of the questions were also answered.

The story admittedly moved a bit slow at times, as it did in the first two, but I think that was necessary. If it had moved at an incredibly fast pace for the whole time I think I would’ve missed more things and I’m not sure it would’ve ended up making any sense.

Before I write a review with a length equivalent to the Bible, I should really stop. All I can say is that the Skinjacker trilogy is without a doubt the weirdest thing I’ve ever read; but it’s also one of the best overall series I can think of– I didn’t think any of the books had huge weak points, which I can even say about some of my favorite series like Maximum Ride, at times HP, and The Hunger Games… and one more thing I haven’t mentioned before; the covers for this series? Perfect!
Thank you, S&S for giving me the opportunity to review this epic conclusion!