“Chloe King was a normal sixteen-year-old girl.

She did her homework and got good grades, but she wasn’t afraid to ditch class sometimes to hang out with her best friends. She slept at home, but otherwise avoided all human contact with her mom. The usual stuff.
Then she fell from San Francisco’s highest tower, and her life changed. For starters, she died. And then, she woke up.
Now Chloe’s life is anything but normal: Suddenly guys are prowling around her, she’s growing claws, and someone’s trying to kill her.
Luckily for Chloe, she still has eight lives to go.”-goodreads

I picked up The Nine Lives of Chloe King series at my library because of the upcoming show on ABC family. I saw a promo for the show and thought it looked good so I figured I’d give the first book a try. I still plan on catching the premiere on a re-run and trying the show, but I don’t plan on continuing the book series. It didn’t really work for me, but I’ll say why because what didn’t work for me might not bother you. I also realize that if I pushed through the whole series I might have a better over-all view because of what I had a problem with.

The writing wasn’t bad. It wasn’t slow. I didn’t hate any of the characters. I liked Chloe although she got on my nerves once in a while… My problem was that I feel the main plot that was portrayed by the title and the summary, about Chloe being, well, part cat or however that works…. Nothing really happened with that in “The Fallen”. Chloe experiences weird things, but she doesn’t really get to the even vague root of what was actually going on until towards the end of the book. Considering how often we get to see the whole nine lives/cat thing going on and the way it’s wrapped up at the end, it almost seems like an emerging sub-plot. Maybe that was what it was supposed to be, but it’s not what I expected. The last few pages seemed more like the climax. I don’t know how the second book goes, but maybe it seemed like it shouldn’t have been split up like it was. The three books are not that long individually though, I know, so maybe I would have liked it better as one or two books? Anyway. I don’t know. A lot of it was just playing at my nerves. Seriously though, I’ll be giving the show a try because it was interesting. I also might read the next two books, just not right now. The whole book actually almost seemed like a movie in my head, so I imagine it translates really well to screen.

If a book that’s about a girl that might be part feline and is also just dealing with normal 16-year-old stuff even more so, and that doesn’t bother you at all, you might like it!