There were two things he needed very much to know.
Firstly, why did Edie feel herself under threat from the Tribe?
And, secondly, with all the exists guarded, however was he going to get out?
Tom is one of the Tribe… An elven race that lives in the Common, near the demon- human- city. They avoid the demons at all costs, making sure there’s a guard whenever possible.
But one day Tom lets the demons in, and they almost find the Tribe. Tom knows he has to run away, and fast. Who knows what the Tribe would do to him?
He finds himself in the Demon city, the last place he wants to be. Hiding out in a little shack, with a injured foot, he’s found by a demon, Anna. She’s too loud and too warm and too bulky for Tom. He hates her, and he hates her brother, Joe, even more. He wants to leave. He wants to call on the stars and become invisible, and slip away. He needs to get away, before the demons enslave him. He needs to get away before he grows attached to him. At least his family- even though they’re trying to kill him- does enslave them. No, the Tribe is free. Free and full of hatred.
But if Tom doesn’t belong with the Tribe… And he doesn’t belong with the demons…
What does he do?
“How should I know? It was probably Tom trying to kill me. And he got away.”
“Or blown into a million pieces.”
“Well, it’s not my fault,” said Joe irritably. “You don’t think I encouraged him, do you? You don’t think I said,
oh, and how about blasting the shed to smithereens? I mean, that’s what I really wanted, wasn’t it, having my eyebrows burned off and having to explain to Dad and Evelyn why half the garden’s exploded.”
I was going through my books yesterday, choosing which ones I wanted to keep, and which ones could go away. I sorted through most of them, but then I found Cold Tom. At first the cover almost made me not read it (I generally think that books with covers like this one has are going to be stupid, kind of like alliterating titles), but then I decided that… Hey… It’s a short book. Only 187 pages, short chapters, and big print. I had a half a day to read it before I had to give it away… Why not read it, write a review, and then either decide to give it away or keep, based on how I liked it?

It took me three hours to read.
And I liked it.

Granted, It was very, VERY, predictable. I had predicted the so called “plot twists” miles away from when they came, and the characters weren’t very deep. The ending was odd, and I didn’t exactly like Tom.
But even though there were so many reasons why I shouldn’t like this book, I really did. Weird.
It was interesting, and I haven’t read anything like it. I’d give it about three stars.