April 2011
“Diello and Cynthe have always believed their parents’ rules are too cautious. The twins expect things to be different on their thirteenth birthday. Their mysterious Fae mother has promised them that today they’ll be given magical gifts, and they’re planning to sneak off to the village fair. But nothing goes right. The magic isn’t what they hoped. Their human father won’t let them out of their chores. They’re forbidden to attend the fair and sent on an errand instead. Then the day turns deadly as Diello and Cynthe are plunged into a lethal game of cat and mouse with old enemies of their parents. Suddenly, there are secrets upon secrets to unwind. Who is friend and who is foe? And what have their parents been hiding?
   This is the exciting first novel in The Faelin Chronicles trilogy.” -the back of the ARC
This book was great! I loved the way it was written. I thought the whole thing flowed really well and was written just kind of… mystically and mysteriously, to fit the story perfectly. I liked the characters, especially Diello (I’m sure you’re supposed to like him best though). I thoroughly enjoyed the odd twists and turns the story took as it unfolded, and the whole thing really wasn’t what you’d expect it to be by reading the first few chapters or the back of the book. I think this book could easily be the next middle-grade/YA/anyone fantasy story, (ex: “Magyk”, “Eragon”, “Harry Potter”, “Spiderwick” fans will love this one). I can’t wait for the sequel! The downside of getting to read it this early is I suppose I’ll have to wait even longer haha! I’m really glad I got the opportunity to read this though. I liked the setting, and Diello and Cynthe’s world. I’m guessing it’s supposed to take place in a more medieval time, and different country. The Faelin thing is really cool to 🙂 I give this one 4 and 1/2 stars. Really excellent. Random: I also liked the cover 🙂 Can’t wait to read the next one and anything else by C. Aubrey Hall! Look for “Crystal Bones” in April!
Thank you Marshall Cavendish publishing for giving me the opportunity to review this and sending me a copy of it. 
Reader’s Note: UNBIASED REVIEW. Always 🙂