“Cloaked in Red” is a collection of small stories, re-telling -with different elements, characters, and details- the story of “Little Red Riding Hood”. The book opens with the author jestingly pointing out all of the problems with the original “Little Red Riding Hood” stories; vague characters and story, a mother that clearly should pay better attention to her daughter who is either to young or to stupid to venture out in the woods on her own, a clearly unobservant girl in a red hood, and more… There are eight different stories in the book and the author’s introduction.

I liked this book! It was cool, different characters and elements emphasized humorously, including “Little Red Riding Hood” not always being the main character in the story. I also think that if you got this book, and wanted to just read a story or two at a time in-between books to get a good laugh it’s great for that too. It was really funny. My favorites of the stories were probably: “Granny and the Wolf” and “Deems the Wood Gatherer”. The author’s opening at the beginning was one of my favorite parts as well. I thought the “Red Riding Hood Doll” was rather creepy (but in a good way, isn’t creepy good once in a while?). I’m thinking four stars for this collection of humorous versions of the classic fairy-tale!

If you’d like to find out more about “Cloaked in Red” go to Vivian Vande Velde’s website here, and the bit on it on the Marshall Cavendish website here.
Thank you very much Marshall Cavendish for the review copy! 
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