Witch & Wizard is a story surrounding a brother and sister by the name of Whit and Wisty. The story starts -after the prologue- as Whit and Wisty are woken in the middle of the night, with troops of the “New Order” (N.O.) surrounding their house, trying to capture them. As far as Whit and Wisty know, they are normal teenagers, but according to the N.O. -which is also the new popular political party-, they are dangerous criminals. What are they talking about? Well according to the N.O. which likes everyone to be normal, and align to a certain look and idea, Whit and Wisty aren’t normal, they’re Witch & Wizard.
What happens next? Well you’ll have to read it to find out.

The next question would be did I like it? Yes, and no. I thought it was a brilliant concept, kind of like that of mixing situations that remind of “Maximum Ride” (also by James Patterson), “Harry Potter”, “The Hunger Games”, and ongoing themes of a nazi-Germany situation and probably that of the Salem Witch Trials. I think the story was great, itself. However, I did not think the execution was nearly as great as the idea. I had several problems including, James Patterson’s use of short, (as in 2-3 pages) ‘chapters’. I usually enjoy this a lot, for “Daniel X” and “Maximum Ride” as examples, it was great and really carried the story on. This story, I think would have done better with longer chapters, such as 5-6 pages at least. I think the short chapters really just made it kind of choppy and confusing, although I realize that was probably just me. That’s the other thing, I found probably the first half of the book just plain confusing… There were a few other, say, ‘quirks’ but all in all I did enjoy this book. I give it 4/5 stars!