Yet just a few feet away stood an odd, raggedy girl. Nothing about her was ordinary. Not the tattered clothes she wore, not the odd words she used. With a shock, I realized she looksed like the girl in Uncle Thaddeus’s painting – half wild, not quite human.

When Jen’s father inherits a large, castle like house from Jen’s great uncle Thaddeus, Jen knows that there will be adventure, but she has no idea how much adventure. In the stranged old tower in the backyard, Jen finds a small glass ball which has an opening with a stopper in it. She takes it to her room, thinking it is just a pretty ornament. When the sinister Moura, her father’s new girlfriend, visits Jen’s new house, she seems to be looking for a mysterious “Witch Catcher” an ornament which looks just like Jen’s glass ball. When the ball breaks, and the fairy trapped inside is realised, Jen finds herself trapped between two great powers, and eventually she will have to choose her side.

“Oh Jen,”she whispered, “we was in a strange place, not our world, but yers. All dark and sad, with no magic – and no mam.”

I liked this book. It does have a rather sad ending though. I would give this book about four stars.