mad maddie: helloooooooo, angela.
SnowAngel: hellooooooooo, madigan.
mad maddie: lovely morning, isn’t it? the birds r singing, the sun is shining, the bald man from across the street has shut off his cursed lawn mower…
Who ever decided to say that highschool friendships never last? Tough Madigan (mad maddie), angelic Zoe (zoegirl) and Angela (SnowAngel) are convinced that they will ALWAYS be the three best friends, through the good times and bad. Nothing is going to tear them apart. Not even Jana, the “queen bee” or when Angela breaks all over the place because some jerky boy has gone and broke her heart. Again. Or when Maddie does something stupid. Nothing. But when Angela “falls in love” with a jerky boy, who takes her heart and smashes it into a million pieces; Maddie makes a horrible, HORRIBLE choice that hurts not only herself, but her friends also, and sends their school into a feeding frenzy, and Zoe falls head-over-heels for a teacher who may or may not be a “weirdo stalkerhead”; this resolve is put to the test. When Maddie is mad at both calm Zoe, and flirty Angela, when Zoe just can’t say no, and when Angela can’t do anything, what are they to do?
SnowAngel: hey, zoe girl
zoegirl: hey, angela
SnowAngel: any luck with maddie today?
zoegirl: no, u?
SnowAngel: she shot me a death look when i tried to talk to her in geometry. does that count?
zoegirl: maddie does give a good death look, i’ll give her that.
SnowAngel: so, not to be self-absorbed or anything, but does this mean our cumberland island trip is off? thanksgiving’s only 2 and a half weeks away.
zoegirl: i’ve been wondering about that 2. maddie was so psyched about it.
Just so you know, this book has swearing. Okay? Also- this book is written ENTIRELY in IMs. 🙂 it was quite fun to read, and it did seperate you away from the story a bit (which is sometimes good) but if you don’t like books that are written in an alternative form (my sister Veelacat hates books written like diaries) then you probably won’t like this. This book was most definitely a “pink fluff” (quoted from my mother) book, but it was entertaining nontheless. It isn’t a very long read (I read it in one night) but interesting, and the characters are loveable. I’d give it three and a half stars.

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