They had disappeared. All that was left was the copy of Queen of Twilight and two smoking coals.
The clerk stared for a minute, then did the only reasonable thing he could think of. He pressed a button on the intercom.
“We need a cleanup in the checkout aisle,” he said.

What would you do if you were transported into a fantasy book with someone you were completely different from?
That’s the situation that Heather and Veronica, two teenage girls, find themselves in when they both reach for the same copy of the school’s assigned reading… The Queen of Twilight.
Suddenly, they’re transported into a magical world.
And let’s just say their journey doesn’t start out so well.

After accidentally killing the heroine of the book, they’re left in a pickle. Only one person can get them out of the book, and back home… But he doesn’t get his powers back until the end of the (Real) book… And who knows how that’s going to work now that the plot has already changed?
The only way to get out?

To play along to the end.
But as they try to battle the evil Queen of Twilight and her sisters, the Duchess of Breakable Objects and the Countess of Uncomfortable Humidity, they might find out that appearences can decieve…

“My, you dwarves have such cultured phrases,” Chanttergee told Veronica s he listened to her, wide-eyed. “Would you teach Chattergee some of your foreign tongue?”
At that, Veronica unleashed some of her most creative and colorful expletives, which caused the squirrel to gasp in admiration and burst into applause.

DO read this book if you enjoy silliness.
DON’T read this book if you take your fantasy novels seriously.
DO read this book if you enjoy a quick read.
DON’T read this book if you get offended by people making fun of teenagers.
Because all of these things feature quite strongly in the book.

I, for one, rather enjoyed this book. Sure, sometimes both of the girls got on my nerves. Sure, it sort of annoyed me about the jabs at D&D being a “geek” game (even though it is).
But all in all?
It was really entertaining, and a fast read.
Everything that YA books dream of becoming…