“I thought witches were only in fairy tales.”
said Abby doubtfully.

“Oh no.” The captain shook his head.
“There’s always been witches – good ones and bad ones. And, whats more, they’ve been battling each other forever.”

Abby lives in a small town named Speller with her Aunt and Uncle (her parents mysteriously disappeared many years ago), and a strange boy named Spike, whom her Uncle found laying on the beach a year ago wearing nothing but a swim suit made out of a strange material, and holding a Marlin Spike. When Abby and Spike meet the mysterious owner of the light house that Abby’s parents used to own, they are thrown into a world of witches, and magic. with the help of the light house owner, the head of the light witches, and several other friends, Abby and Spike must find a way to defeat the dark witches, and find Abby’s parents.

“Its wonderful – just like…” She was suddenly lost for words.
“Magic?” he answered with a wry smile.

I didn’t really like this book. It is not because it isn’t well written, I think that in that respect it is a very good book. The characters are likable, and it has interesting settingsWhat I didn’t like was that I got the feeling that Abby was supposed to be the main character, but Everything centered around Spike. Even though this was the case with my opinion, you should probably read this so that you can create your own opinion. I would probably give this 3 stars. (out of five.)
“I’m afraid our pleasure in giving this performance – and your gratifying response – must be spoiled by something I have to reveal to you all….” He paused dramatically , then said, “There is a traitor in our midst.”