“Once upon a time there was a princess who knew she was meant for more than twirling her tresses and swooning.”
That princess is Meg. When she turns 15, her father declares a contest. Defeat a witch, kill a dragon, and capture a band of bandits, and whoever wins gets half the kingdom and Meg’s hand in marriage. Meg is locked away in a tower, from which (it seems) she can not escape. But with the help of her maid Dilly, an apprentice guard named Nort, and the gardener boy, she escapes to try to save the dragon, witch, and bandits, while saving herself from marrying an un-tasteful suitor. “Don’t you see?” Meg asked, suddenly inspired “We must save them.”
“Save who?”
“The dragon. The witch. The bandits. We must save them from the evil Princes!”

I would give this book 3 1/2 stars – 4, out of five. I think it was lacking a little romance, but it was still a great book.