“In the story, Emma’s four years old. She gets out of bed and pads across the floor in her footie pajamas. When she reaches her hand between the bars, the thing in the crib moves closer. It tries to bite her and she takes her hand out again but doesn’t back away. They spend all night looking at each other in the dark. In the morning, the thing is still crouched on the lamb-and-duckling mattress pad, staring at her.
It isn’t her brother.
IT’S ME.” -the back of “The Replacement”

I got interested in this book because it’s part of Penguin’s “Breathless Reads” campaign, which I came across because of my love for “Matched” by Ally Condie (which is also, obviously, part of the campaign). I saw it on the list, so I looked it up and added it to my TBR list, and got it from the library a couple of days ago. I’m glad I did get interested in this book, because it I did like the story! It was very interesting, the whole ‘creature’ being swapped for a baby every 7 years in the town of Gentry. It was a really creepy spooky story.  The problems I had with it, is the story was really kind of complicated to the point of being quite confusing sometimes. Other then that it was enjoyable (in a really really creepy kinda way). I also enjoyed reading of Mackie’s rather dysfunctional family (not in a humorous kind of dysfunctional, just that), and thought his mother’s relationship with the replacements and his father’s seeming ignorance towards Mackie, then there’s Emma, who was cool. I give it 4 stars. Also, the cover is pretty cool, and if I’d seen it without knowing anything else about the book, that probably would’ve intrigued me enough to pick it up and read it- I love awesome covers.