My new favorite book of all time! I very reluctantly picked up this book after my mom had told me I should read it because it was so good. First of all I’m the kind of person that judges a book by it’s cover, and even though this book is only a few years old it looked way older then that, so I wasn’t too thrilled to read it. Second, I’m a teen, and if my mom says something is cool I tend to not think it’s as awesome as she says, but anyway… So after I got the book my family and I went on a trip, and I read the book in our hotel room, I finished it in one day (It would have been less, but I was busy!) The book is amazing! It’s like new with old fashioned elements, but it’s still totally awesome! It’s a story of four sisters there’s responsible, practical Rosalind; stubborn, feisty Skye; dreamy, artistic Jane; and their shy little sister Batty. The four sisters and their father go to a cottage for summer vacation, and they get into all sorts of trouble, and have fun adventures! They soon meet the owner of the property their staying on, the very tough Mrs. Trifton and her son Jeffrey. Mrs. Trifton isn’t too pleased with the Penderwicks because she thinks they are a bad example for her son. This book is filled with humor, adventure, and in my opinion it’s everything a kid’s book should be, and I highly recommend you read it!