“When something creepy like that happens, it’s better to try to make it fit into the normal scheme of things. I think that’s why funerals were invented, to make death seem normal, even though it’s totally not, you know?”

You know you’re a little different when you’re allergic to the sun. You know you’re quite a bit different when you can hear people talking about you, in three houses down away from yours, in a room with the door locked and the windows closed. And you know you’re just plain weird when you’ve been correctly predicting the weather for two years.

What do you get when you take all of these traits, and put them inside a twelve year old girl? You get Fern.

Fern is different, and it doesn’t make her life easy, but she manages to get along, until one day, in school, she dissapears. She wakes up on a beach miles away, and knows nothing is going to be the same again.

Then scary things start happening. Birds dying, more dissapearing, a creepy neighbor, and her one friend, besides her twin brother, Sam, calling her a “Posiden” and a “Blout”, and it’s up to Fern, Sam, and a cast of other characters to find out what is going on, who Fern is, and, more importantly, what she is.

“You’re a Poseidon and you know it. How else did you do that to Mooney?”

“What are you tallking about? Poseidon?”

I thought this was a pretty good book. Even though it had no romance (normally that causes me to drop half a star on my rating), it was action packed, and interesting enough, that I really didn’t notice. I’d say that if you enjoy Vampire books, but aren’t looking for a mushy romance novel, this is a good book. I think I’d give it about four and 1/2 stars.

Unable to escape the darkness, she began to panic. Groaning, she tried to wiggle her body to find something, anything, real. A shadow had wrapped itself around her like a mesh vice. She no longer felt the rigid wooden desk chair beneath her. No… now she felt something completely different against her body. Though she couldn’t open her eyes to confirm it, she would of recognized the texture anywhere-

Fern was now laying on a mound of warm sand.

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