“Christopher just needed a job to kill time the summer after high school graduation. He didn’t expect it to be in the morgue. Or that he would accidentally discover a murder cover-up. Or that his discovery would lead him to a full-blown investigation involving bribery, kidnappings, more murders . . . and his best friend. And he certainly could never have predicted that Tina—loud, insanely hot, ambitious newspaper reporter Tina—would be his partner. But all of that did happen. And Christopher’s life will never be the same.” –the penguin website

I saw this book and thought, hey, a kid working at a morgue, a murder, a new kind of detective mystery… that’s kinda interesting! I read this book, and from when I started it, I quite liked it. I thought it was interesting. I also liked that it was kind of a new thing, because I haven’t recently seen any books about a teenage boy getting a summer job at a morgue and discovering that there’s a murder being covered up. I enjoyed the story, and I liked the characters. I thought the person that turned out to be the murderer was really surprising, I didn’t expect that person to have done it. I think the only problems I had with this book were that sometimes the characters reacted ways and did things suddenly that I found kind of improbable, and I also noticed somewhere in the middle until towards the last couple of chapters, the story just slowed down a bit. It’s not like I don’t like books that aren’t constantly fast-paced, there just seemed to be some sudden changes in the pace.

If you want to find out more about “The Morgue and Me” go to John C. Ford’s website here.