“Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight…” She whispered to herself. Somehow, some way, she would rescue Lucky!
When Katie walks home one day after school, she passes right by the junkyard. There, sitting next to the fence, is a dog. He doesn’t look good. he is thin, and dirty. When Katie finds out that no one is feeding him, she brings him food. But then, the worst thing happens. The mean old Junkman sells the refrigerator which the dog, Lucky, had been using for a shelter. Now, with cold winter weather, Katie has to hurry to convince the junkman to let her make Lucky a new shelter, before its too late and he dies!

I really liked this book, a lot. I got it for my birthday, but I didn’t start it until last night. I stayed up an hour reading it. It is a rather short book, but it is very good. I would give it five stars out of five.

I want to say thank you to Trilly, who gave me this book. you can find her blog here.