Hey guys, Cat here, to review a book with ‘bite’. By the way- incase you are wondering why I am reviewing the second book in a series is because for book club I had to read this one, not the first- and it’s not hard to jump into really- so you could read it without the first one. Although I plan on going back to read the first (i think).

Vladimir Tod is a 14 year old boy in ninth grade at his local high school. Just your average teenage boy, except for you know… Fangs and a thirst for blood. He has a hectic year ahead of him, what with fighting off an evil vampire, visiting some of the vampire colonies, dealing with Meredith (his crush), and more!

I really liked this book, and would give it… probably 4&1/2 stars! It was interesting, and the characters, and the way vampires are in this book are very unique. I mean, most vampire books don’t have the lead drinking blood from a blood bank, going out in sunlight with no effects, and breathing. I would recommend this book to people that liked “Twilight” and vampire books in general. Although I would suggest mature 12 year olds and up because of some violence and emotional/scary situations that could freak some younger kids out.