(The description for this book is spoiler-y for the first book. If you wish to view it anyway and find out more information, check out the goodreads page here. This review might also contain spoilers for the first book, “Paranormalcy“. I suggest you read that review (linked) instead if you haven’t yet read it. YOU ARE WARNED.)

Paranormalcy” was SO fun and awesome-mazing (that is not a word, that is my, er… creative license?). Obviously, any book that practically makes fun of the paranormal creatures and their stereotypes that we love (and love to hate) and has a main character that dreams of having a locker rather than paranormal butt-kicking, with a pink taser affectionately named Tasey as a side-kick MUST be awesome, and so Paranormalcy was.

Needless to say (but bam, I just did) I was VERY EXCITED for the sequel, “Supernaturally”. It was also awesome. Ohhhh and remember that time I thought there were only going to be two books in this series and then Supernaturally ended and I was like ‘WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? THIS IS THE END? NOOOOO.’ Fortunately, I looked it up, and I must have been miss-informed. There’s another! Endlessly (due out 2012). Anyway, back to the reviewing thing. I was surprised that it didn’t start right after Paranormalcy left off but a few months later, however, I didn’t mind. It was nice to see how Evie was doing, more acclimated in the ‘normal’ life that she wanted so badly (‘How IS she taking to that?’, you ask. Read and find out, why don’t you?!?). All of the characters we love are back. Evie and Lend are still all awwwww (with maybe a few bumps in the road…). Emotions ARE running high and there are difficult decisions all over and standing in Evie and other’s path. We’re also introduced to a hyper-crazy new character, Jack. All I can say is my first impression of him was RIGHT. (Not saying whether that impression was good or bad.) But I was still pretty surprised, well, when I turned out to actually BE right. Very importantly, the sarcasm and sparkles in the epic writing is back– my favorite part. 🙂

The bottom line: An epic, shiny, surprising sequel! Readdd ittttt (or Paranormalcy, if you haven’t)!!!