I’d left my notebook and everything in the car, or I might have done a drawing of that weird wire thing with the colored beads, which exists only in doctor’s waiting rooms. I wondered what was supposed to be fun about it. All I’d ever want4ed to do was get the beads off the damn thing so I could play with them.
Izzy can’t find a single book where the person lives. The person with cancer. The patient. In every single one she finds, they all die at the end. The best she’s found is one where the kid gets super powers from the cure.
This is a problem.
Because Izzy has cancer.
After waking up one morning to find that she still has swollen glands from her flu, her world turns upside down. She’s rushed to the hospital, and stabbed with a bunch of needles. She’s soon part of another world, with it’s own slang, with it’s own people.
This is her book. Her book about traveling down that path to hell, and then traveling back.

Ah! I thought, This must be the mental illness bonus for kids with chemo cards! Feeling the pain before the stab!

I really liked this book. It was funny, well written, and Izzy had her own voice. She seemed very human, and I could find myself believing that this could actually happen.

I don’t have a lot to say on this book (don’t hate! It’s only 143 pages long!), but I’d definitely recommend it.