If only my savvy worked in reverse, I thought again- and not for the last time. If only I could draw a smiling sun on the back of my hand, then everyone around me could know exactly how I felt, exactly how happy I was at that perfect moment.
When Beaumonts turn thirteen, they discover their superpower. It’s a tradition, and it’s no different then discovering that you have a knack for playing piano, or you can juggle like nobodies business, or you can bake a pie that everyone loves, even if they normally hate pastries. Only, for the Beaumonts, it’s just a bit more dramatic. Mibs’ brother can cause storms, her grandpa can make the earth move, to make a new patch of land, her other brother has electricity, and her mother is virtually perfect. Mibs can’t wait till she turns thirteen. Right before her birthday, though, distaster strikes. Mibs’ father is hurt badly, and he has to go to the hospital. It is not expected that he’ll wake up. Mibs, with the help of two brothers, Fish and Samson, a sixteen “I’m too cool for you” girl, Bobbi, who isn’t who she appears, Bobbi’s brother Will (who Mibs just might like like), a delivery man for a company who makes pink bibles, Lester, and an “angel” named Lill, Mibs has to go and face the very biggest adventure she could have ever wished to go on, while trying to discover her “savvy”.
Ignoring Bobbi and scrambling after Will junior, Fish demanded “What did you do to my sister? What did you do to her?” “Will’s got a secret, want to know the secret?” “WASH YOUR HAND, WILL JUNOR!” I screamed again, raising my voice to be heard over the brawl and the sound of breaking lass. As my brother’s pressure system grew, the windows closest to Fish began to fracture, spreading splintering cracks outward like spiderwebs zipping and pinging through the glass as Fish’s gusts and gales swelled in speed and strength.
I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed “Waiting for Normal”, “Fortunes Folly” “Philippa Fisher’s Fairy Godsister”, and “A Crooked Kind of Perfect”. I would say that I’d give this book 4 and 1/2 stars.