“Shaun… did something happen today? Anything out of the ordinary?”
Well, Shaun died, but other than that…
“Nope,” I told Shaun’s mom. “It’ s just been a normal, regular day.”

Kiriel doesn’t like the term “demon”. It’s far too negative. He prefers “Fallen Angel”, which is the proper technical term, anyway.
Though he doesn’t really enjoy his job, either.
Kiriel isn’t an “important” demon… His job is simply to reflect misery back onto the souls in hell. That’s all. Nothing more important.
The big guy hasn’t even paid any attention to him. Only important fallen angels get attention from God.
And trouble makers.

When Kiriel discovers that hell doesn’t blow up when he doesn’t do his job, he decides to take a vacation. It’s not like he’s ever had one before… Who cares if it’s technically against the rules? Maybe it’ll get him some notice in the end.

So he steals a body. The boy who it used to belong to was barely using it anyway, so what does it matter that he takes over for a few days?

Through the body of Shaun, a typical slacker highschooler, Kiriel discovers what it’s like to be a human. And he likes it.
But how long does he have before the body is “repossessed”?

Whatever the reason, they punish themselves. I merely oversee; I don’t actually do anything about anything.
Mine is a useless occupation.

I really liked this book. It was a very interesting point of view, reading from the head of a demon. Surprisingly, although Kiriel decides to see what’s so enjoyable about sinning, he seemed to be one of the more innocent characters in the book. He had a very interesting outlook on the life he leads in Shaun’s body, and I actually ended up agreeing with his points.
So, I think the author did very well making him a relatable character.

Besides that, it was just a very interesting book. Some of the themes can be carried over and related to our own lives… Especially us teens. You know, the whole, “my place isn’t important,” “my job isn’t important” “no one notices me”, and all that crap.

I also liked how it made fun of teenagers, and our lives.

Books Worth Reading:

You have to be warned however, that there are quite a few mentions of sex in this book, and some swearing. So if those sorts of things concern you, I wouldn’t read this book.