“She died. She didn’t marry Hal after all, and I don’t know how she died!”

Violet has a dilemma. Her parents (and everyone else, for that matter), think that she’s a weak little girl still. She’s not! She’s just as old as Jasmine and Rose- her triplets. No one seems to believe that, though. Violet is annoyed at that. Sure, she doesn’t look like her sisters, but she’s just as strong as they are! When their parents, Lily and Greg, buy a dusty old house, to turn into a new florist’s shop, Violet is determined to help clean it up. When she gets there, however, weird things start happening. She discovers ancient letters from a mysterious “Hal”, which seem to be addressed to her! With the help of her sisters, a boy named Sam, and a cast of characters from the past, Violet must determine the meaning of these letters (and later, diary entries), before it’s to late.
The only problem is, they seem to be pointing to a death.
her death.
“Death.” At his shocked expression, she sighed. “Sudden death, Sam. My death.”
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was an amazing read, and I couldn’t seem to put it down, until I had read the entire thing. I would give it around five stars… I enjoyed the voices in this book, and how you could not, no matter what, predict what was going to happen. At all.
“While she is busy, she doesn’t chatter so much. Really, her chattering is making me nervous. She says very strange things now and has nightmares nearly every night that disturb our sleep. She shouts about bridges and cries out that the children need help, and we must save the little girl…I ask her what bridge? What children? What girl? But she cannot tell me.”