Has anybody ever tried to marry you off? what did you do about it?
One day, when Edric the troll is wandering around in the forest, he finds a small, lost boy. Edric tells him to stay the night, and they will find his parents, but when the boy, called Christian, refuses, Edric lets him stay. Christian grows up in a crystal cave, living with two carrier pigeons, two dogs, and Edric. When Christian decides to send a message to a princess who lives in the castle accross the lake, things pick up speed. soon Christian is having a full time coraspondance with Marigold, the princess, and accidentally, falls in love with her. When he decides to see more of the world, by working at the castle, he discovers that Marigold has two suitors. both of them are untastful, and she hates them both. When one of the suitors leaves, the queen announces Marigold’s engagement. now Christian, Marigold, and The aged king, must work together to somehow over come this, for, as Christian discovers, her mother has a plot to kill both the princess, the king, and the princess’s would be husband.

I really liked this book. if you like romance, then this is the book to read. it is a story of courtly love, and adventure. I would give this 3 1/2 – 4 stars. I just (today) found out that there is a second book, Twice upon a marigold if you have read this book, please comment and tell me what you thought of it! I plan to read it and do a book report on it as well.

No, but here is what I would do if they did – be as unpleasant and undesirable as possible.