She tells us that we will need to understand and abide by the rules.

“I hate rules,” Tattoo Tom says.

Kevin Windor, 17 years old, is pretty average. He’s taking AP classes, lives with his mom but spends weekends with his dad. He has a best friend, a crush, and he loves basketball. He’s average, his life is average, and he doesn’t think it’s going to change.
“This is just in. In a spectacular development, the alleged DB25 Monster has been arrested. Police apprehended him trying to escape through the bathroom window of 32-year-old Joyce Garlen’s apartment….”
Then the camera switches from the anchor to a mug shot of the monster they caught. And it is my face-or at least my face as it will look in 20 years.
And just like that, his life is changed.
His dad is behind bars, accused of being a serial killer. He’s got problems at school now, but his main concern is his father.
How does a 17-year-old convince the world that his father is innocent… When all the evidence points otherwise?

I don’t tell Nancy that I won’t hear from Lani, that we were two lost people trying to get through one lonely Saturday night. I don’t have a phone number for her; I don’t even know if she has a phone. I tell myself that at least Lani’s pretty tough. That should help her wherever she is; I just hope it will be enough.

This was a pretty epic book. The character, Kevin, was incredibly likable. He was interesting, and average enough in the way he acted and thought, that you associated with him. But he was also just a good person.. which I thought helped a lot.

The plot of the book also helped, seeing how one moment you thought his dad did it… the next moment you didn’t think so.. the next moment you weren’t sure. There was also a spectacular plot twist at the end (I swear, it’s in the last few chapters), which was really interesting.

This was a quick read (it only took me a few hours) and I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a good book but you don’t have that much time to read. 🙂