Maximum Ride is a fantastic and thrilling series by James Patterson. Most of your parents have probably previously read books by this renowned author, but he didn’t have books for tweens/teens/or absolutely anyone to read and enjoy. That is, until he released Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment.
There are now 5 books in the Maximum Ride series, as of March 16th, 2009. The books are as follows:

  1. Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment
  2. Maximum Ride: Schools Out Forever
  3. Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports
  4. Maximum Ride: The Final Warning
  5. Maximum Ride: MAX

By the way, here is a disclaimer. If you read the fourth one, and like some people, including myself, found it kind of dissapointing compaired to the others, and decided they weren’t going to read the 5th, which I myself finished last night- READ THE 5th ONE! It is SO awesome.

Back to my reviewing the whole series….

I give this page-turning series a 6/5 stars. Get what I mean? For me it ranks up there with Harry Potter. YAY!

The books are centered around Maximum Ride, and her flock, who have just escaped from a wretched ‘school’ or that’s what they call it. Actually, its a lab where people do horrifying experiments to many humans and other creatures. Maximum Ride has been experimented on, along with the rest of her ‘flock’. The flock consists of a group of kids with the same ‘difference’ and that have always stayed together since their escape.

The big difference between her, her flock, and the rest of the human race is this.
She is 98% human. and 2% Avian. Incase you don’t know what that means… That’s bird.

Her and her flock all have wings. They can fly. Among other special abilities that they have or aquire throughout the series. Max is the leader of the group and takes care of the rest of her flock. She is 14, along with Fang and Iggy, also 14, Nudge 11, Gazzy 8, and Angel 6.

They live their lives trying to escape the evil counterparts of the school trying to hunt them down and……….

……You’ll have to read it.

No but literally, this is an absolute MUST read. So, get the book, buy it, get it from your local library, listen to it on cd, get it for your kindle, WHATEVER you do, read these books. 

Books Worth Reading:

For an excerpt from the first maximum ride book go here. Also on that site you can get more info on the series, excerpts from the rest of the Maximum Ride series, info on the author,etc…