Kicker. Can be identified by his clean uniform, small size, nervous tics, and a perplexed frown that seems to be asking, “What am I doing here?” Kicks the ball as far as he can (a kickoff) to start the game. He will then jog down the field, hoping to avoid any further involvement in the play, an exceedingly intelligent thing to do leading the casual observer to wonder what mental aberration caused him to engage in a contact sport with large people in the first place.
This book is a series of a couple of stories dealing with mostly love and football at Argyle Highschool. The mostly main character is Ken Bauer, and Randy “the Doughnut” Schmidtke, but involving everyone from “Elvis”- a “Latino beauty”, Rollin Acres (Ken’s best friend) and his girlfriend Sandy Dunes (who everyone jokes should start a golf course together and call it Rollin acres-Sandy Dunes), Ken’s cousin Rebecca, and a dozen other characters. An unpopular girl gets help from an unexpected source. A football player discovers that he loves little kids. A feminist girl gets a jersey on her desk, and an old lady is reunited with her lover.
“Ah, my friend,” he said, “karma’s character is of necessity mysterious or it would not be karma. It is like cement in the hands of the Builder, who of simple bricks makes many wondrous forms.” “What is that supposed to mean?” “I am not sure. I just made it up. It is worth thinking about, though.”
I originally picked this book up thinking it was by the author of “I’d tell you I love you but then I’d have to kill you”… but it’s not. I read it anyway- a little bit wary. After all, it’s not normally the type of book I read. I read fantasy and fluff and mystery. Not goofy high school stories which aren’t really one continuous string of story line. I really did like it, though. I thought the first two things in the book- “A Girl’s Guide to Football Players” and “A Football Player’s Guide to Love” were equally hilarious. 🙂 I’d give this book about 4.5 stars and recommend you to read it. Because they have separate stories, and they are all short, and not at all dangerous, I think, I got a feeling of “this is the end” every time I finished a story. So, it gained points for that. 🙂

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