Dear Bubba,
Remember when I asked you to hook me up with some visibility cream? Well, forget that. I don’t need it anymore. Send vanishing cream instead. I really need to disappear.
Harriet Hairdresser
(Alias Gabriel)

Jane has always survived in the same way.
Being a slacker, being sarcastic, mouthing off, not doing her homework, and writing letters to Bubba.
Short for Beelzebub.

Bubba is her imaginary enemy, and Jane blames him for everything in her life that goes wrong. A milk spill? It’s Bubba’s fault. Something stupid she says? Bubba put the words in her mouth.
Let’s face it. It’s just easier to blame everything on someone who doesn’t exist, than it is to face up to the things that are going wrong.

And when Jane’s relationships with her next door neighbors, with herself, and with her life in general start going downhill, that’s exactly who she blames.

But what if she gets a letter back?

“You two little spies really need a new hobby,”   I said, reaching for my math book. “Have you considered stamp collecting? Quilting? Drowning each other?”

This is probably one of the more imaginative books I’ve read this year. (Get it? Imaginative? heh.) I usually think about imaginary friends, and how they are awesome, but I don’t usually consider how the opposite would work. But this author did, and it was very interesting.

I really liked the character of Jane, but I think my absolute favorite character would have to be her half brother, Luke. Luke is a pretty cool guy. (But like I said. I like Jane as well.)

The thing I really didn’t like was the main character’s reaction to homeschoolers. When her next door neighbors and her brother and sister become homeschooled, she’s very negative about it. I also think that the author portrayed homeschoolers in a fairly negative light, but that might just be me and my biased position.

I don’t really have much else to say on this book, except that it was very well written, and very, very funny. And witty. The main character’s jabs and remarks were just so creative it was hard not for my mind to be boggled.

Books Worth Reading:

Oh. And it’s a short read. ☺