(The summary for this book is spoiler-y for the first book in the series, “Gone”. If you’d like to view it anyway and find out more information about the book, here’s the goodreads page for it. As usual with sequel reviews, though I try to keep them spoiler free, it’s possible there will be minor spoilers for the first book. YOU ARE WARNED.)

With the same gripping plot style and breakneck fast pace as “Gone”, “Hunger” is a really great sequel. It met my expectations, which “Gone” set very high. A lot of the best aspects of the first book were continued in the second, besides the incredible plot and pacing. However, I didn’t enjoy Hunger QUITE as much as its predecessor. For example, Sam’s humility left me feeling conflicted. While I was glad that he was humble, he was feeling pressures, and he wasn’t perfect, like I felt in the first book, too much is well… too much. His tendency throughout the book for self pity got kind of annoying after a while. Then, at the same time, it made sense– he was grasping for solutions to really difficult problems and searching for answers where there seemed to be none, and that was frustrating for him. Then all these kids have adopted him as their leader and when he starts not being able to fix everything, obviously he felt a little lost. Another thing that left me feeling that way is that a lot of questions were asked, more sub-plots started, which is all fine but then nothing seemed to be getting answered and at times that was just really frustrating to deal with. HOWEVER, these two problems did not really damage my overall impression of the book.

The characters continue to be great for the most part. The setting is so developed, so clear I can imagine the whole FAYZ, and I love that about these books. The continuing developments and the worsening of the situation in the FAYZ were both fascinating and horrifying. Then the problem of ‘Freaks’ vs. ‘Normals’, as they started to conflict was obviously intense but also interesting because of the psychology of it all, for me.

Overall, a good sequel! Continued awesome pace, plot, and characters; even if a few elements left me feeling a tad conflicted at times.