Bettina called out, “Troy,” and the hottie from the hallway stood up. “I’m still on hall restriction for hitting Benny in the head with a chair.”
Anna Bloom is terribly depressed. She’s overweight, and has panic attacks. Her parents deal with it, until she stops going to school. Then they send her to a mental hospital, where she meets a bunch of other “messed up” teens. A lot of the people she meets there end up becoming her friends, and aren’t crazy at all. While she’s there, in the “loony bin”, she raises her self-esteem, falls in love, earns a whole boatload of new friends, and ultimately changes her life.
Morgan is quite an entertaining plastic baby. She loves to play all sorts of games. Following is a short list: Morgan Overboard: This game involves Sandy and me standing on our respective beds and tossing Morgan back and forth as fast as we can. If we drop her, she falls into the ocean and is eaten by sharks
When I started this book, I thought it was incredibly dull. Nothing was happening, and I wasn’t particularly fond of Anna, the main character. I thought that when I finished it, I’d write a review on it, advising everyone to steer clear of the horrid book, etc etc. Boy was I wrong. As you get further into the book, Anna starts being more and more likeable, and soon I was enjoying it immensely. WARNING: THIS BOOK HAS LANGUAGE AND ROMANCE NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF THIRTEEN. I’m not even kidding… so, make sure you read that warning, and still, only read this if you think you’re mature enough for… *thinks* really mature content. Anyway. I think it was a really good book, but it was also depressing. When I finished it, I was like “oh, well, it’s not true.” and then I saw the back. Hey! Guess what?! it is a true story! so… just be warned… if you don’t like bittersweet endings, don’t read this book. I’d give it a 4 out of five.