“Do you ever dream of dueling Central Allocations and winning?”


Naming a book Epic might seem a bit ambitious… at least, that’s what I thought before I started reading it. Because honestly, Epic really is epic.
Epic is placed in the future so I think all the stuff about civilization falling apart and people moving to a new planet goes without saying.
Because of the collapse, on New Earth, all violence is outlawed. Every problem people have is resolved in a video game named (wait for ittttt…!) Epic. People create characters and try their best to be successful in Epic. If you’re successful in Epic, you’ll be successful in the real world.
New Earth is governed by a committee of the best Epic players on New Earth. Over time, the committee has become tyrannical and hated for not doing anything to help the people of New Earth.
The main character is named Erik. He was always very unsuccessful in Epic until one day he made a new Character named Cindella.
People always made characters that looked like themselves and they made them as strong, rich, etc. as they could at the start of the same.
However, when Erik made Cindella, he made her as beautiful as possible.
And thus starts an adventure of playing Epic in a way that no one else ever dared to.
The next thing he knows, Erik is in the position to destroy the committee and all of their heartless ways.
Will he succeed?
I can’t tell you- you’ll just have to see for yourself. 😉